Can Portable Solar Panels Twist?

Solar power has progressed significantly from the underlying revelation of the photovoltaic impact in 1839 by French Researcher Edmond Becquerel. Today we have various designs and brands of portable solar panels such as a kickstand, foldable and thin-film panels.

These panels have their very own unique features, such as being able to fold up, placed on irregular surfaces, and being able to be strapped onto other items. However, can portable solar panels twist?

Flexible-portable solar panels can flex and twist to conform to rounded surfaces without being damaged. Most flexible-portable solar panels are rated to bend at a 30-degree radius for any part of the whole panel board.

However, the Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Tape brings the flexible-portable solar panels to a much simpler and more efficient feature allowing the solar panel to take on any surface angles, bend, and twist to greater degrees than an ordinary flexible-portable solar panel cannot.

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The PV Solar Tape comes with a flexible solar strap and an adhesive design that is a reusable plus, three USB ports, and three-prong outlets equipped to charge phones, laptops, fans, lanterns, and so forth.

A Solar Tape charging phone on green grass

Generally, the PV Solar tape is more of a roll-off unit, in which a user-simply unfolds the unit-by unrolling it from its pack and attaching it to any surfaces preferred.

The PV Solar Tape provides users with a more convenient and easy stick-to-use application. The cells are transparent and can take on any surfaces. They can twist or bend at any angle. They can be mount onto window frames, glasses, cabinets, vehicles, tents, or a backpack.

Depending on the user’s preference, the backend of the Solar Tape is designed-with a sticky adhesive material that gives users the possibility to place the unit in areas that a typical flexible-portable solar panel does not have the capability of doing so. The infinite PV Solar Cell is a good example-it provides users with great potential and integration possibilities. The Solar Tape has two variations: Uni-directional solar-tape and Bi-directional solar-tape.

How Much Does A PV Solar Tape Costs?

The table below shows the price of various PV Solar Tapes currently available.


1x OPV3W60V board (USB version)
2x connector cable
2x Solar foil bi-directional (1020 mm x 110 mm), ca. 60 V each

1x OPV3W60V board (battery charger version)
3x connector cable
2x Solar foil bi-directional (1020 mm x 110 mm), ca. 60 V each
110 mm wide bidirectional Solar tape (> 3%)$91.73
110 mm wide bidirectional Solar tape (> 4%)$133.13
Types of PV Solar Tapes & Price

General Specification

Width (mm)3060100
Length available (m)1-100b1-100b1-100b
Thickness adhesive (micron)25-5025-5025-50
Thickness tape (micron)125-150125-150125-150
Grade A (PCE >2%)c
Voltage pr. meter (V)8-916-1848-52
Current (mA)40-5040-5040-50
Power (mW pr.m)ca. 200ca. 400ca. 1200
Grade B (PCE >3%)c
Voltage pr. meter (V)9-1018-2052-56
Current (mA)50-6050-6050-60
Power (mW pr.m)ca. 300ca. 600ca. 1800
Grade C (PCE >4%)c
Voltage pr. meter (V)10-1120-2256-60
Current (mA)60-7060-7060-70
Power (mW pr.m)ca. 400ca. 800ca. 2400
Specs for PV Solar Tapes

The Pros & Cons Of PV Solar Tapes


Take on any surface

A twisted Solar Tape charging phone

Compared to a typical flexible-portable solar panel, a PV Solar Tape is much lighter and can-be attached to any surfaces. The PV Solar Tapes can be bent, twisted, and pasted-on surfaces with angles that a typical flexible panel does not. Also, having such capabilities, they can generate more energy once set up as they can absorb energy from any angle.

Backend Adhesive

The lower end of the solar cells is composed of adhesive materials, which gives the PV Solar Cells the ability to stick to surfaces. It makes them more stable and rigid against vibrations, movements, or other influences from outdoor activities.

Super Light-Weighted

Portable solar panels are considered light-weighted. With the introduction of PV Solar Cells, they have enhanced the light-weighted panels into a much simpler and convenient style, a super light-weight unit, meaning- they can be-carried around unnoticed, placed in bags, or even in pockets.

Can Be Cut To The Required Size

Hand holding Scissors on clear background

Another feature that makes a PV Solar Cell more convenient is it can be sized and cut into desired sizes. Since the layout is very-thin, you can use scissors to cut the Solar cell into the desired length.



DIY tools on blue table

One of the major-drawbacks of PV Solar Tape cells is that to get them working. You have to connect wires to the Solar Tape by yourself. Such connections require soldering and precise handling. It may not be that hard, but for an average user, this might seem time-consuming.

You can watch the video on how to DIY

Also, while sticking the cells to surfaces, you need to be careful not to damage the cells. The surface areas need to be clean and smooth before applying the Tape. The adhesive is also sensitive to pressure, so when you place it on the surface, it sticks and cannot be corrected if there is a slight mistake. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the cells.

It requires little practice before you can handle it smoothly.


Also, since PV Solar Tapes are much smaller, they do not produce much energy compared to other portable solar panels, but they can charge basic-devices such as phones, iPods, laptops, mini-fans, music devices, and so forth. 

How To Use The Solar Tape

The good about the PV Solar Tapes is that it is easy to use.
All you have to do is pull out the cell from its pack to the required length you want, then stick it up to the preferred surface, and let it charge up while you plug in your device to the USB ports.

This video shows the steps in setting up your PV Solar Tape

Best Uses For Energy Tapes

The PV Solar Tape is perfect for campers, and hikers, who love to spend some time outdoors. The Solar Tapes’ ability to stick to surfaces makes it even more convenient. Having them stuck-to backpacks with your devices charging on it makes it easy to have your stuff up to date when going off-grid.

Camping with lights on in the middle of nowhere

Facts About PV Solar Tapes

One of the facts about PV Solar cells is that they may not produce as much energy as a typical portable solar panel. However, you can create enough energy; and match up the energy output of a typical portable-solar panel-by placing a mirror on the backend of the-PV Solar Tape.

When sunlight hits the upper surface of the Solar Tape, it starts to generate electricity. However-when rays of light pass through-the transparent film-they are reflected by the mirror back onto the PV Solar Tape.

Therefore, producing two times more energy than was created in the first place.

Are-PV Solar Tapes Worth It?

The PV Solar Tape is the next generation of portable solar panels. Smaller in size and more portable compared to typical portable solar panels.

The PV Solar Tapes are limited to producing enough electricity to power mobile phones and small electrical devices of similar nature, yet has given users more comfort in charging devices in a more plug-and-charge mode.

Consider the infinityPV HeLi-on. It is one of the best compact solar chargers in the world as according to Lumtec (Luminescence Technology Corp).

The HeLi-on can generate and store energy at the same time. It has a storage battery bank installed and a powerful printed solar panel. Even better, it can charge your phones within two to three hours max.

Such features provide a unique experience for users. Going off-grid for some time is not a problem in terms of-charging your mobile phones or musical devices. As such, PV Solar Tapes are worth it.

Final Thought

Much has been done-to improving the efficiency and convenience of solar generating portable systems. Manufacturers have worked tirelessly designing and improving the way such systems work.

PV Solar tapes-are an advancement of the portable solar industry. The possibilities of reducing the sizes of-solar generating units while still maintaining the-efficiency of small solar systems have provided users more opportunities to choose.

Hands on Ipad with options to choose amongst apps on white background


Having a PV Solar Tape strapped onto your backpack while hiking or attached to your tent while camping is not that bad while generating enough energy to charge your phone, iPad, mini-fun, or laptop. All you need to do is sit back, relax, do your thing while you enjoy free power generated from your PV Solar Tape.

In general, flexible-portable solar panels can conform to rounded surfaces as well as you think without being damaged. Most flexible-portable solar panels are rated to bend at a 30-degree radius for any part of the whole panel board.

However, the PV Solar Tape brings the flexible-portable solar panels to a much simpler and more efficient feature allowing the solar panel to take on any surface angles, bend, and twist to greater degrees than an ordinary flexible-portable solar panel cannot. Their tendency to adapt to the various surfaces makes them more unique for their purpose.


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